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Commi$$ioner Software Ltd Commi$$ioner Software Ltd Commi$$ioner Software Ltd
Commi$$ioner Software Ltd
Commi$$ioner Software Ltd
Tips & Tricks

Every time I work my way through one of our more difficult manufacturer's commission statements I am in awe of your brilliant program all over again.
Thank you for a wonderfully workable program. I really couldn't do all I do without it.

Balle & Associates
Columbus, OH

In 2004 OrderMaster began searching for the perfect commission system to couple with its array of industry-based solutions.  Finally after reviewing over five different packages, we began discussions with Alan Reaves of Commissioner Software, Ltd.

Commi$$ioner was designed from the ground up based on a family owned Sales Agency.  The in-depth knowledge of Agency Management is reflected in all aspects of the Commi$$ioner Package.  OrderMaster and Commi$$ioner quickly decided to partner to offer the perfect solution for Sales Agencies at a reasonable cost.  Now after three installations, I can say that we at OrderMaster could not have partnered with a more perfect solution.

Steven Allen Cunningham
Principal Partner Paladin Enterprises

As I sit hear and print thru all the open invoices and open POs, I wanted to thank you for these easy to print out reports. If it was only this easy to get the check from the mfg for all the orders that were credited incorrectly, etc.!


Thanks again for my software.


I just wanted to thank you again for adding that “enhancement” to my program.

You take such good care of us!!!! Your “customer service” is just awesome! You give new meaning to the old saying “ask and you shall receive”!

Thanks Alan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loretta Kadash
Reid & Johnson

Enclosed is a check for your services. In this day and age, good customer service is hard to find. When I do not get good service from companies, I always let them know. I had to write to you and let you know that I really appreciate your excellent service.

I think I have been a client of yours for seven years and have always gotten good service which is included in the software maintenance fee. On many occasions you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. This weekend was no exception.

Although the problem was due to our computing errot I don’t know what I would have done if you had not been there . . . . thank you so much.

Phyllis Livingstion

We are very pleased with the program and I have recommended it to others in the industry. I am also very happy with your support when I have questions or need something incorporated into the program. Thanks for all your help.

Catherine Lambson
My House

The program and service you have provided have met and exceeded our expectations. I really appreciate all the time you spent working with us over the phone to ensure that we were comfortable with all the different features of The Commi$$ioner. We have found that The Commi$$ioner has enabled us to better manage many aspects of our organization from tracking orders and invoices to paying commissions.

Todd Niemeyer
East Coast Marketing

The Commi$$ioner!!� is a sales/marketing oriented tool designed to help grow my business, not to just perform accounting tasks. It’s ease of operation was simple and straight forward, as if custom designed by a gift rep with a marketing background. In fact, it was. I am particularly impressed with its power to provide your reps with the tools necessary to be highly effective and efficient in the field.

The people at Commissioner Software, Ltd. are easy to work with and have a genuine concern for your operation.

Barb Oleson
Aslan & Associates

Using the Commi$$ioner the last 2 years, has not only helped me manage my sales force much more efficiently but paid big dividends in paying commissions. The ease of entry has also speeded up the dreaded data entry process by about 30-40%.

The Commi$$ioner’s use of Windows pivot tables is the tool that has helped me manage the numbers with my sales people. The number of reports and the information you can derive is almost limitless. This was not possible on my old outdated DOS program.

Because this is a Windows 95-98 based program the ease of entering commissions and the flexibility to change percentages or the actual amount that was paid is as easy as typing the number. This alone has saved me lots of money because now my commission reports balance to the penny.

I could not recommend a professional sales program with any more enthusiasm than I recommend The Commi$$ioner.

John F. King
John King & Associates

Hi Alan,
Thank you so much for your patience in getting the Commissioner installed. I am so excited about all the fabulous features available to streamline my company. I can't begin to tell you how many hours this will save me that I could be spending with my customers!

I am so thankful Katy at Raftery and Assoc. put me in touch with you.

Penny Harrison & Company
Seattle WA



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